GETEK is a professional engineering company providing electronic hardware and software services since 2009. GETEK, combining its  experience and  the expertise of its engineers   enables its business partners to make the best  of  the technology.

Through intensive R & D activities, GETEK shapes its solutions and projects according to the requirements of technology; By continuously monitoring the world trends and the expectations of its business partners, our company  produces advanced technology solutions.

GETEK, who has operational efficiency and strategic operation principle since its foundation, is moving forward with confident steps on the path of sustainable growth by developing high-capacity and domestic products.



We are respectful of human, society and our country.



We are aware of our responsibilites and move forward  always embracing a  just and transparent working principle. 



To be "The Best"  in our sector, we improve ourself  continually and do not renounce chasing innovations.  


To provide solutions using  technologies which have  National/International validity and push our business partners' efficiency over the top.

To provide solutions which do not endanger human health and security.

To  best handle demands and expectancies of our customers in order to establish sustainable business partnerships which create mutual values, to enhance qualifications of  technical equipment and human resources continually.

To find the true  through common sense , to develop solutions efficient , realistic and applicable solutions. 

To regard  being creative and innovative as a sustainable surety.