As GETEK Engineering, we offer quick and quality solutions to our customers with a capacity of 42.000 components per hour (CPH) in our fully automated SMD assembly lines having state-of-the-art technology equipment, where single or double-sided electronic cards are manufactured in a controlled environment in line with IPC-A-610F, IPC J-STD-001F, IPC-7711, IPC-7721 quality standards. In addition to our production line, we are proud to demonstrate innovative and reliable development with our products thanks to our R&D works by our production team having wide knowledge and experience.

Machines provided in our fully automated assembly line;

  • SJ INNO TECH HP-520S Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machine
  • Omron VP6000 L-V SPI (Solder Printing Inspection) Machine 
  • JUKI Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS1-R
  • Seho GoReflow 2.3 SMD Convection Reflow System
  • Omron PCB Inspection System VTS-530
  • Seho Wave Soldering System-Power Wave 
  • Lead-Lead Free Soldering
  • Working Area measuring max. 1200 x 450 mm 
  • 1428-6L Series Dry Cabinet
  • InJet 388 CRRD Combo PCB Washing Machine
  • ESD Protected Production Area