GETEK is an engineering company that has been providing electronic hardware and software services professionally since 2009. Combining its expert engineer staff and its experience, GETEK enables its business partners to use the technology in the best way possible.

GETEK shapes its solutions and projects according to the requirements of technology with intensive R&D activities; it continuously monitors world trends and expectations of its business partners and creates solutions with advanced technology.

Having pursued operational efficiency and strategic working principle since its establishment, GETEK takes firm steps towards sustainable growth by developing national and domestic products with high-capacity.



We respect human, society, nature and our country.



We are aware of our responsibilities and always move forward with a fair and transparent working principle.



We constantly improve ourselves to be the best in our business, and we always in search of innovation.


Adopting the principle of producing innovative, diverse and customer-oriented solutions for the sectors that need electronic hardware and software as well as favouring sustainable and continuous improvement approach GETEK is committed to:

Meeting the needs and expectations of its customers through products and services that can compete in national/international markets and that are sensitive to advanced technology-oriented engineering and consulting solutions,

Achieving all its goals by observing the satisfaction of its employees and customers based on the understanding of a production system that respects human health and the environment,

Acting in line with the principle of continuous improvement and first-time-right production to enhance efficiency and quality,

Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, conducting trainings that will increase technical and behavioral competencies,

Achieving the company and unit goals in a team spirit by embracing the philosophy of Total Quality.






Bold and Pioneering